Former NFL great Larry Johnson is making some extraordinary claims against female rapper Megan Thee Stallion - that she killed her own mom in a 'blood sacrifice' to get famous.

The baller claims that Megan may have "sacrificed" her mother - so that she could get the fame and fortune she has now.

Whenever a person becomes famous, there are inevitably rumors online - that the person received their fame by a "blood sacrifice" of someone they love. Typically these rumors are just conspiracy theories, and not grounded in facts.

But Larry Johnson, the former NFL star from the Kansas City Chiefs, is claiming that in Megan's case, someone should look into it.

In the last year, Megan's career has skyrocketed. But it really took off in the last six months, ever since's Megan's mother unexpectedly passed away.

Here's what Larry said on Twitter:

Of course Megan had to clap back at Larry, for spreading such an ugly rumor about her.

The Blood Sacrifice phenomenon was explored in a scholarly article written in 2014, entitled Blood Sacrifice, Instant Celebrity, Organization and Mobilization.

Here's how the paper looked into the phenomenon:

The paper deals with cases in which almost unknown persons, because of a tragedy, suddenly jump from anonymity to the civil sphere converted in celebrities with great capacity for civil intervention. These celebrities owe their instant fame to the fact that they are closely related to the victim of a bloody tragedy: the kidnap and murder of a child, a wife or a husband