Former NFL star Larry Johnson is spilling his own tea - and revealing all the celebrity women that he has had sex with.

The former NFL star claim that he had sex with Draya, 2000s R&B singer Mya, and 1990s pop star Chilli. He also mentioned that he had relations with Julissa Bermudez - his former fiancé.

Here's his post:

The former running back has been making all kinds of bizarre posts on social media over the last couple of weeks. Many of the posts were seen as anti-gay.

Larry Johnson went on social media to claim that there is an “effeminate agenda” by the National Football League and National Basketball Association. Larry believes that the sports leagues are trying to "trick" average sports fans into letting down their guard and condoning behavior that strays from traditionally masculine behavior and gender roles.

Larry alleges that the leagues are doing this to appeal to the LGBTQ community in hopes of harnessing their “buying power."

Larry retired from football almost a decade ago, after suffering multiple concussions. Many on social media suspect that he may be suffering from CTE.


CTE short for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, cannot be diagnosed until after death and its exact cause is unknown. Many in neuroscience link concussions to CTE but do not know yet if it is a cause, while they see CTE cases mostly in contact sports like boxing and football.

CTE is a degenerative disease and is diagnosed in stages (i.e stage 1 versus stage 2). Stage 1 is the mildest form of CTE and is generally associated with headaches and difficulty concentrating. Stage 2, the stage that some people believe Larry Johnson could be experiencing is generally associated with mood swings, having difficulty managing your emotions and some short-term memory loss. In stage 3 and 4, the emotional and cognitive challenges that happen in stage 2 begin to worsen. Aaron Hernandez for example was diagnosed as having stage 3.

We hope for Larry Johnson's sake that he does not have CTE, but do think based on his most recent outbursts, he may at least want to talk to somebody. Or does the brother have a point about the league?