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NFL free agent Antonio Brown is suing his ex-girlfriend and the mother of three of his children for not vacating his Floria home following their split.

According to TMZ Sports, Chelsie Kyriss was served with an eviction notice weeks ago.

According to TMZ, the breaking news outlet, Chelsie was served with an eviction  notice by police and ordered to vacate the Brown's Fort Lauderdale home by Dec. 16. To date, Chelsie has not yet left the property.

Since his split from Chelsie, Brown has launched a "no more white women" campaign in which he has vowed to keep away from Caucasian women.

To make good on this promise, Brown recently hollered at JT from City Girls via social media, where he offered to cook for her and shower her with gifts.

By all accounts, JT has not yet shown any romantic interest in Brown as he is currently being investigated by the NFL after a lawsuit was filed by his former trainer Britney Taylor. In the lawsuit,  Taylor alleges that Brown sexually assaulted her on several occasions. Brown also was accused of sexual misconduct by another woman, an artist, who says she assaulted in his home while working there in 2017.