NFL star Antonio Brown may be out of action for the rest of the football season, but that did not stop him from taking a crack at City Girls rapper, JT.

JT tweeted that her birthday is coming up, writing, "my birthday is 12/3 what are y’all getting me! y’all need my P.O. Box?😊," and Brown didn't waste any time, urging her to check her DM's.

This is not the first time the sports pro has tried to holla at JT. Just two days ago, he announced on Twitter that he had signed up for a meal plan service - and wanted to try his new dishes out on the star.

"Thinking about dating a city girl y’all tell JT get @ me ! AB got the meal plan baby I know you just jumped baby 11:11," Brown wrote. 

JT has not publicly responded. Brown will not be returning this season following claims by two women of sexual misconduct. One of the women has filed a lawsuit against him.

Should JT give AB a shot or nah?