Antonio Brown had been dating his latest girlfriend/baby's mother Kyriss for the last 5 years, but now it's over. The former NFL player dumped her via Twitter last night.

It's not clear exactly what happened between the two, but their romantic relationship appears to be over - for now anyway. And Antonio made it very clear on Twitter early this morning.


But this isn't the first time that the two have had a dramatic public split.

Last year, Antonio sought a court order in Broward County to have Kyriss forced out of their home. The couple have three children together, and Antonio wanted to have her prohibited from entering any of his homes without written permission.

"The romantic relationship has ended," Antonio's court petition stated and also alleged that Kyriss was "causing chaos in the home."

Antonio has five children by three women. In addition to the three children with Kyriss, he has an older daughter with Wiltrice Jackson and an older son with Shameika Brailsford.

Here are pics of Kyriss:

Antonio has also been in hot water career-wise due to allegations against him earlier this year. But it seems like he might still be able to salvage his professional career.

There are at least 20 teams, including almost every potential playoff squad, seriously interested in signing wide receiver Antonio Brown.

That's according to three general managers who were asked which teams they believed might sign the former Steeler, Raider and Patriot, who is in football stasis as the NFL investigates sexual assault allegations. The only potential playoff team the executives believed would not sign Brown was New England, which dumped him earlier this season.

Teams largely believe Brown is still a transformational talent on the field. Indeed, Brown's 841 career receptions are the second-most of any receiver, behind Larry Fitzgerald's 844, since he entered the NFL in 2010. 

But there's another side to this equation, according to the GMs, and that is Brown's troubling behavior. From the very serious allegations of sexual assault to the very silly but professionally damaging posts he's submitted on social media, Brown has turned off a handful of teams as well.