A group of NFL players led by Jahleel Addae - safety for the Los Angeles Charges - are under fire for proposing the toast at dinner - "Here's To Having More Light Skinned Kids."

Jahleel and a few of his NFL buddies - who all appear to be in interracial relationships - went out to dinner and wanted to toast to their "successes" in life.

Jahleel must’ve known that the wrath of the Internet was underway because he made his Instagram page private after the video went viral.

It behooves me that cotton mouth insecure/threatened caucasian women act as if they found the Holy Grail in their “black men”…that Black women would NEVER want to be with anyway….🤔🙄😁😂 #JahleelAddae #youcanhavehim

The video was posted on the wife of Jahleel Addae Instagram story, her IG is noslenyesdnil

Here's the video:

The video has sparked outrage on social media. Jahleel Addae is trending today on Twitter, and not in a good way.

Many are calling Jahleel a "sell out" for having a baby with a White woman, and then "toasting" his friends for all having babies with White women..

In 2017, the Los Angeles Chargers signed Addae to a four-year, $22.50 million contract that includes $8 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $2 million.