Last year, former Ohio State coach Zach Smith was exposed for allegedly beating his wife. Now, according to one current NFL player, coach Urban Meyer knew all along about the abuse and did nothing about it!

According to a MTO News confidential source, who played for Ohio State Buckeyes under Coaches Meyer and Smith, there had long been whispers about Coach Smith's abuse of his wife.

"One time I walked into our room and coach [Urban] Meyer and coach Smith were having what seemed an awkward conversation," the source told MTO News exclusively.

"Then, we started to hear stories that coach Smith was beating his wife. Obviously when in that moment you are focused on that following game as a player."

Smith had agreed to a 3-year Consent Agreement Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order to stay away from his ex-wife.

But earlier this year, he was arrested for allegedly violating the protection order, according to online jail records. It is reported that he became "confrontational" while trying to pick his children up from their school and the school was forced to call the cops on him.

"Looking back at it, I'll never play for Meyer or Smith again knowing what was covered up. I was raised by my mom and grandma, no way I'd let no man abuse or beat on them or any woman. Coach Meyer knew and did nothing about it."

Meyer is no longer coaching college football, but now works as a TV analyst for a FOX college football show. There have been reports circulating this week that he plans to return to coaching next year.

Smith was fired last July following domestic violence allegations against him.