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25 year old Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving quit football yesterday, and he did it while smoking a blunt on Live.

Irving, who was suspended indefinitely by the NFL last week for violating the league’s drug policy, then appeared to smoke on the video as he ignited a lighter off-camera.

The NFL player told fans that he's done with the NFL. His exact words were, "So, basically guys, I quit... I’m outta there. I’m not doing this sh*t no more."

The NFL player tried to explain his decision saying, "Everyone questions my commitment to football, but let’s get it straight... I love football... but I don’t love the NFL. The NFL is not football."

The now former NFL player told fans that he's "addicted" to marijuana. He explained, "Some people are like ‘oh you’re addicted to weed’... I’d rather be addict to that than the Xanax bars or the hydros or the seroquel that they feed you.."

“Pass the blunt, bro,” a smiling Irving said into the camera while holding a sizable joint. “Weed … you’re addicted to this, and that. I mean, s–t, if I’m going to be addicted to something, I’d rather it be marijuana, which is medical. It’s medicine; I do not consider it a drug.”

He continued, "They try to make me seem like the bad guy... I’ll Kaepernick myself before they Kaepernick my ass... football does not define me.

Irving played four seasons with the Cowboys, but played just two games for Dallas in 2018, notching one sack and four tackles.

Here's what he posted: