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NFL Legend Deion Sanders Got A FULL HAIR TRANSPLANT . . . He Now Has ‘The Perfect Hairline’!!!

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NFL legend Deion Sanders has been undergoing a hair transplant for a few months now – it’s officially complete. He always looked good with a bald head, but we’re not hating his new, fuller ‘do either.

He was very open about having the new procedure done and even uploaded videos to his Instagram page detailing the experience, which involved several procedures.

We think he should fork out for a toe transplant too (if those exist.)

Just last month, he appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and showed off his toe injury. In 1998, he suffered a turf toe injury and he was left without any feeling in one of his toes on his left foot.

“It’s the closest thing they call to ‘turf toe.’ It was just horrendous, I mean, I’ve never felt anything like it. It was so bad it had begun to be hammertoe, so they have to shave it down and straighten it out, and that’s what I got. You could hit it on top with a hammer, because it’s numb. It’s numb right now, but it hurts.”

He and his stunning wife look very pleased with the results.

What do you think of his new hairline? Let us know in the comments section.