NFL Draft Player CeeDee Lamb Snatches Phone From GF On National TV!!


NFLer CeeDee Lamb was drafted last night, and is expected to play for the Dallas Cowboys, MTO News reports.

He's not even officially in the NFL yet - and already he's going viral for off the field shenanigans.

Last night, shortly before he was picked by the Cowboys, the future NFL star sat on his couch at home, with his mother on one side and his girlfriend on the other.

It was a nervous time for CeeDee - he had not yet been drafted by a team and was calling his agent, to find out what was going on.

Well, CeeDee's girlfriend thought that it would be a good time to stealthily grab her man's phone - so that she could scroll through it.

CeeDee wasn't allowing that. The wide receiver used his hand speed to quickly snatch the phone back from his girlfriend - before she saw anything incriminating in it.

Watch the video above.