NFL Draft Pick's Mama Manhandles Blonde Girlfriend On National TV!!


Isaiah Wilson an offensive lineman from the University of Georgia was drafted into the NFL last night, MTO News can report. He was selected by the Tennessee Titans with 24th pick in the NFL draft.

Isaiah, who is from Brooklyn, was at home when he learned the news - with his mother and his girlfriend. And it's pretty clear that the two ladies in his life don't care for each other.

When Isaiah's name was called, his girlfriend immediately jumped in his lap - and started hugging and kissing her NFL bound boyfriend. But Isaiah's mama didn't appreciate the blonde getting all the camera time. So she grabbed the woman and pulled her off Isaiah.

She then tossed the blonde aside like a rag doll. Isaiah was not expecting that - and appeared horrified.

Watch the video above:

Here is what people are saying on Twitter:

Smh she was all up in the camera and mama said it ain’t about you Becky. 

Damn. I was expecting a gentle nudge instead of Sandman Sims

these girlfriends been taking L’s all night smh.

Mama said “that’s enough of that”.

She picked her up like an unruly toddler. I’m weak.