NeYo's Wife Is Being BODY SHAMED . . . After Posting CELLULITE Pics Online!!

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R&B singer NeYo's wife Crystal is coming under FIRE after posting pics of her "body" online. Men are flooding her comments with BODY SHAMING messages after she posted pics of her BUTT on social media.

Crystal just gave birth to her second child 3 months ago, and she lost much of her baby weight. She decided to post a "sexy" pic of herself online - and all hell broke loose in her comments.

Here's the pic that she posted:


She actually looks pretty good in the pic, considering she gave birth to child #2 less than 3 months ago. But the men in her comments were relentless. Here are some of the mean comments that were left there

Yuck, Neyo it's time to trade her in.

NeYo married a Latina thottie that likes to eat. Bad investment.

Why her gut as fat as her a**. No bueno.

She used to be cute. Oh well. Monyetta won.

This is what she used to look like: