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NEW COUPLE: Ne-Yo's BABYS MAMA Monyetta Has A NEW MAN . . . He Got A BIG AZZ HEAD Like Ne-Yo. . . But He's MUCH MUCH CUTER!! (PICS)

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Ne-Yo and his baby's mother Monyetta Shaw seem to be getting along REALLY WELL. Many suspected that Monyetta would be BITTER after Ne-Yo broke their engagement and wife'd up a PORN STAR who he eventually married and impregnated.

Well Monyetta has moved on with her life. She's now dating a very handsome man, who we're told used to play in the NFL. So far Monyetta is being very PROTECTIVE of her relationship, she isn't releasing any couple pics.

But we managed to grab a screenshot of Monyetta's new bae - taken from her Snapchat: