Newly THICK Rihanna Proves That Her 'NEW BREASTS' Are REAL . . . She Wasn't Wearing A BRA . . . And FAKE BOOBS Don't Look Like THAT!! (PICS)


Pop singer Rihanna came under SPECULATION last week when she hit up the red carpet with a NOTICEABLY BIGGER BUST. Some speculated that Rih may have gotten implants.

Well it turns out that she didn't. The below pics - posted by the Daily Mail and a popular blog - show that them things are REAL.

BTW - we love the new "THICK RIH"

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

Here is the third pic

Rihanna has filled out her figure to grown woman status, and it may be because of love. She's been dating that BILLIONAIRE boyfriend of hers for a few months now, and nothing fills out your love handles like some good lovin'.