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On Friday, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Ras Baraka, enacted a curfew in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Unfortunately, MTO News has learned that many Newark residents seem to have a different take on things.

Here is video of the people of Newark out in the streets violating curfew

Under the curfew, Newark residents are required to be in their homes by 8pm unless there's an emergency. Exceptions to the curfew would also be made for people either going to work or coming from work. Essential stores like supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations could stay open beyond 8 p.m.

But video surfaced showing police walk through one of the city's most violent housing projects - and everyone was out in the streets. Officers had to maneuver through crowds of people - to try and maintain order.

Eventually, the police gave up - and left.

Here is the video of the people of Newark out in the streets violating curfew

“We need them to listen to the governor’s directive," Baraka said during a press conference at the city’s Office of Emergency Management headquarters. “But more importantly, if you live in those areas - and we’ll get that message out to you - we need you to take that one step further."

That means residents in those areas should not go for a walk when others are outside, not go to parks, or visit relatives. Baraka also urged dog walkers not to go out when others are doing so.