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New York Housewife Ramona Singer has been dating up a storm on the show since her divorce from husband Mario Singer - but apparently, dating for the reality star is "hard."

"Dating is tough," she told Us Magazine. "It's tough because I'm on a TV show. I meet men, they like me, then they don't like the fact that … [the] press makes up stuff about me."

Ramona also claims that both her business and personal relationships have suffered as a result of the show.

 "They write a lot of things that just aren't even true. … Yes, I'm in the public eye, but I really am a private person," she said. "So that makes it difficult."

Ramona is continuously caught out in lies to her close friends on the show, which I'm sure doesn't help either. 

But as for her ex-husband, they're seen getting close on the show and fans are eager to know if the couple will reunite.

"Whatever's meant to be, is meant to be," she told Us. "I've been very blessed by God, and I know he'll continue to bless me and when the timing's right, I'll find a partner. I'm very fulfilled with my friendships and my family, so it's all good."