NEW YORK HIP HOP DRAMA!! BLOOD Rapper Tekashi 69 . . . Is Reportedly BEEFING With Certified BLOOD RAPPER Casanova!!


New York hip hop is about to get REAL interesting.

For the past six months, Tekashi 69 has been BLOWING UP . . . and has quickly become one of the hottest rappers from out of New York. But he's different. First of all, he's a YOUNGSTER - at only 19. He also has RAINBOW colored hair.

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But Tekashi is a STREET DUDE - and represents the BLOOD gang in Brooklyn.

Now it looks like Tekashi is messing with the WRONG ONE. Yesterday he posted some comments online that suggest that he's going at Casanova - a TOP New York rapper who has a SERIOUS street reputation.

Casanova was minding his business on Instagram - talking about his new song, which is about "fake" Blood gang members and Tekashi fired shots at him.

Here's Cass' video:

And here's what Tekashi said:

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Hopefully the two rappers can work out their issues with each other.

Here's an interview with Casanova - showing how certified he is in the streets: