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Michael Jackson faked his death and is alive and well according to a growing conspiracy theory that is circulating online.

This crazy new conspiracy theory about the King of Pop sprung up after footage emerged on YouTube that some say "proves" that he's not buried inside his crypt.

The Youtube clip purports to show Michael's tomb shot by his cousin Latoya on his birthday this year (June 25). The clip was taken at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, where Michael was buried.

But one online conspiracy theorist claims there is a problem with it saying: “There is still no name on his crypt and it’s because he is not dead and not inside."

The Youtube viewer continued, “He is not buried there, nothing adds up."

The YouTube clip has since racked up more than 3,000 views and left some viewers convinced the singer is still moonwalking around the world.

One said: “You are so right, I agree – if he were dead, why wouldn’t they have his name right there!

“I’d think it would be in gold letters.”

Another added: “Michael is alive.”

A further fan claimed: “He was at his own funeral watch it he was dressed as ah woman real talk.”

According to some conspiracy theorists, Michael's death certificate was misspelled and this means he isn’t really dead. Crazy right .  . well not to the conspiracy theorists.


In another YouTube clip Michael’s passport clearly supplied his middle name as “Joe” after his dad.

But on his death certificate, the full spelling of “Joseph” is used.