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New Video Shows Nicki EXTREMELY HIGH . . . Possibly On That NARCOTIC!!


Nicki Minaj is fighting rumors, after a new video showing Nicki Minaj HIGH has surfaced online. Nicki has been plagued with DRUG rumors in the past.

In the video, which has located online, Nicki is seen smoking what LOOKS like a marijuana blunt. But Nicki is not acting like she's high on weed.

The Anaconda rapper is twitching and fidgeting - like she's on something a LOT stronger. And in the video, you see Nicki continuously wipe her nose. It's very disturbing.

Here is the video

Two years ago, Nicki's ex-boyfriend Safaree implied that Nicki was addicted to prescription pain killers. Another website, Crazy Day & Nights claims that Nicki was recently in "rehab" for some type of drug addiction.

Earlier this year a blind item came out that explained Nicki's mysterious disappearance from the spotlight. Nicki said she deleted her Instagram because she didn't want other people to copy her but reports say that wasn't the case.

Here's what we reported back in March:

Well according to the usually reliable website CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS – Nicki’s been in “rehab.”

I have to give credit to this foreign born A list rapper for coming up with the best excuse to cover for her trip to rehab. Make yourself kind of look bad while also getting people to feel sorry for you and taking the attention away from what the real reason is you are gone. 

Nicki Minaj.

Oh, dear.

But this makes more sense than her disappearing to create new music. She’s dropped music in the past and has kept the fans informed every step of the way. She has not posted on Instagram since December 30th and has not been showing up to any high profile events.