New Video Game 'True Or Die Chiraq' Allows Gamers To Be Chicago Gang Members!!

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There's an extremely disturbing new video game coming out called True Or Die Chiraq, MTO News has learned. The object of the game is for the gamer to play a Chicago gang member and as the game maker suggests to "sell drugs, guns, sex or just be out here robbing m*therf*ckers."


It's sort of like Grand Theft Auto, except the game purportedly shows REAL Chicago streets, where in real life gang members have been battling over turf for years.

Here's a video showing a person playing the game:

The video game is extremely realistic. According to the game maker, if the player gets "caught doing crime" he's sent to prison in the game - where the player can continue violent criminal activity behind bars.


The graphics for the new game are a little too realistic, and so is the storyline. MTO News has learned that many local leaders are planning to boycott the game.

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