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NEW STUDY: Whites Most Likely . . . To Assault Blacks and Latinos!!


White people are more likely to assault and use weapons against Black People and Hispanics than the reverse. A new study in the International Review of Law and Economics is reporting the findings of a new study.

The study used data from the Los Angeles Police Department, found that White people were more than 13 percent more likely to assault Blacks and Hispanics. The result was deemed "statistically significant."

And it gets worse, White attackers were nearly 1 percent more likely to use a WEAPON in assaulting a Black or Hispanic victim. That number was also deemed statistically significant.

The study found that face-to-face crimes involving a White suspect and a White victim are most likely to be assaults, while incidents that pair a White suspect with a Black or Hispanic victim are more likely to involve robbery, assault and weapons use.