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New Study Finds That Wearing TAMPONS . . . Stretches Out . . . And DRYS OUT . . . A Woman's VAGINA!! (DETAILS)


A new study came out that suggested that using TAMPONS, as opposed to a maxipad, or a menstral cup - can have major drawbacks. The study, which was conducted by Menstrual Hygiene Day today published the astonishing results.

In the study, feminine hygiene company Intimina asked 1,500 women how their periods had changed since swapping tampons for a menstral cup - the study should be similar for women using pads.

Of the women questioned for the survey:

  • 26 per cent said their sex life had improved since to using a cup, due to decreased dryness and improved vaginal tone (tightness).
  • 46 per cent said their sleep was better
  • 84 per cent of women said they felt more confident during their period
  • 78 per cent felt more comfortable with their body

Interesting results . . . is it going to change the way any of y'all think about your periods??