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New Report Claims That Nicki Minaj . . . Has Been In ‘REHAB’ For The Past Few Months . . . Allegedly For A ‘PERCOCET ADDICTION’!!!


Where has Nicki Minaj been, for the past few months – is a question that many people have been asking.
Well according to the usually reliable website CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS – Nicki’s been in “rehab.”

Here’s what they are reporting:

I have to give credit to this foreign born A list rapper for coming up with the best excuse to cover for her trip to rehab. Make yourself kind of look bad while also getting people to feel sorry for you and taking the attention away from what the real reason is you are gone.

Nicki Minaj.

Oh, dear.

But this makes more sense than her disappearing to create new music. She’s dropped music in the past and has kept the fans informed every step of the way. She has not posted on Instagram since December 30th and has not been showing up to any high profile events.

And this isn’t the FIRST time we heard about Nicki and addiction. Her ex Safaree suggested that Nicki had a PERC addiction – two years ago when they were still FIGHTING.

On her track “Wamables” off her Pink Print album, she admits to taking the prescription drugs.

“I like percocets/ I like to keep ’em hidden in my Birkin bag/ Ass so fat/ damn I’mma hurt ’em bad…”

In Lil Wayne’s “5 Star” single, she rapped:

“I ain’t switchin’ up my hairstyle/ But my niggas let it bang off
Percocets and Addies/ lookin’ for a f*ck I could give/
All these hatin’ b*tches plottin’/ why they can’t let me live?”

What do you think? Is Nicki finally getting help for her perc addition or is she beavering away in the studio?