New Pics Of The BIG BOOTY 'Stripper' . . . That Tristan 'DUMPED' Khloe Over!! (Out On A 'Date')

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Tristan Thompson was caught cheating with a New York model last weekend, - the two met up in a club, and went back to Tristan's hotel.

And now it appears that Tristan may have DUMPED pregnant Khloe - for the young model. According to online reports Tristan and the girl were spotted out on a date - after news broke of Tristan's alleged cheating.

Even though he's been spotted out with Lani, another Insta THOT is trying to take credit for everything.

A woman who goes by the name of @_ms.stephaniee_ is claiming that it was HER who stayed with Tristan at the Four Seasons hotel and even alleges that she has a sex tape of them. Not only that, but she also claims to be pregnant by the NBA player.

Her latest post on social media is a picture of her walking with Tristan with the following caption:

"@realtristan13 Has since blocked my number.. was feeding me lies... and has talked to his PR team to make me out to be the bad guy.. I never had bad intentions.. what you guys are seeing is half the story which is why I keep posting !!!!!!"

What a mess! And he doesn't seem to be claiming her at all - but things do look more serious with Lani.

Here is the report:

We know what you're wondering - who is this girl? Well, she's a NY bottle girl at a strip club named Lani Blair. And she's gorgeous.

Here is a GRAPHIC photoshoot that she did


Here are pics from her social media pages: