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Delonte West was a very successful NBA player throughout the 2000s. Then rumors about Delonte dating LeBron James mother surfaced - and Delonte's career - and his life - have been spiraling downward ever since.

Now social media is claiming that Delonte is currently homeless. And new pics of the former ballplayer are circulating online.

Right now it's all just rumors, until Delonte speaks out about his situation.


This is not the first time that West has been spotted seemingly homeless. Back in 2016, he was spotted seemingly panhandling and was presumed homeless as well. He refuted the claims and said at the time that he had a home and was helping the homeless, MTONews reported.

"I was helping a homeless man in my neighborhood that's paralyzed from [the] neck down," he said at that time. "I parked my car and got out to help because it was 90-degree weather and I was feeling blessed at the moment for just having legs."

But now it appears he is really down, a sad turn of events for someone who showed promise. However, there are some who believe that West ended up in his state because of his own doing. That includes being seen wandering a Jack In The Box parking lot in Houston, shoeless and looking pretty discombobulated.

Delonte was the 24th pick of the Boston Celtics during the 2004 NBA Draft and eventually played for four other teams.

Delonte played for the Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Dallas Mavericks . He also played professionally for the Fujian Xunxing and Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association and the Texas Legends of the NBA G League. Prior to playing professionally, West played college basketball for Saint Joseph's University.