New Pics Of Makeup Free Beyonce Leak - Twitter  Says Bey Is 'Aging Badly'!!


Beyonce and her family are currently enjoying vacation time in the Hamptons, and living a luxurious life. But paparazzi managed to snap a few pics of the Carters on Monday and while the pics were well received by fans, one caused the haters to pounce.

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Here are some of the pics:

PIC #1 -  Beyonce and the kids, including JAY Z nephew who is wearing a doo-rag,

PIC #2 - Beyonce shows off her legs and her body, very cute

PIC #3 - Close Up of Beyonce's Face - this is the pic that has people talking

PIC #4 - Beyonce's family looking all rich and Hamptons-y on their yacht

In the last picture, above, Beyonce's face looks different. While she's still absolutely gorgeous and better looking than all us put together, she's not the same Beyonce she was 10 years or even five years ago. After all, the superstar turns 39 years in a few days. 

And while we think that Beyonce beautiful as usual,  folks on Twitter aren't being so kind to Bey. 

Shortly after the pics leaked, many hopped onto the social media platform to say Beyonce is not aging as well as they expected.

And she trended on Twitter this morning, after the pictures leaked.