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New Pics CONFIRM Blac Chyna Got BUTT REDUCTION . . . Booty Looks 'DEFLATED'!!


Model Blac Chyna was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, where she spent 5 hours at a business meeting. After such a grueling day, she then treated herself with some Burger King, opting for the drive thru.

But what was surprising was the new look of Chyna's body. There have been rumors for weeks that Chyna underwent a "butt reduction" surgery. Under the procedure, a doctor uses liposuction to remove the fat deposits from a woman's butt. Usually a butt reduction is done to reverse the effects of a Brazilian butt fat transfer.

The changes in Chyna's body are very noticeable, and all but confirm that she got the butt reduction procedure. So far, Chyna's fans seem to like her new look. But some have commented that her new butt looks "deflated" as compared to her old butt.