New Pic Shows YG Trying To Be FASHIONABLE . . . While Wearing His BAIL HEARING SHOES!!

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Rapper YG has been in trouble recently, for taking QUESTIONABLE fashion pics.

Last month, folks turned the Compton rapper into an INTERNET MEME when he released "fashion" pics of himself, that made him appear GAY.

Well he just released another pic that has got the internet talking. In the new pics, YG is wearing shorts, and a shirt.

But he has on White tube socks and BAIL HEARING SHOES. As you can imagine, the folks on the internet are ROASTING HIM.

Here are the images:

YG must be experimenting with new stylists because his fashions have been all over the place lately. Just recently he performed with Cardi B and he wore Gucci, but now it appears that he is being SET UP. 

The rapper is famously a member of the BLOOD gang in California and has integrated it into his music. Once you get famous though, people start wanting to dress you different and it seems as if the experimenting is giving us this confusing style he's been trying lately. 

Last month the California rapper debuted a new music video with 2 Chainz and Offset where the trio gave their moms "rapper makeovers."

According to Billboard:

The video for "Proud," which features all three rappers' mothers as the stars. 2 Chainz's mom, dripped out in her sons gold “Truu” necklace and gold-tinted Tom Ford Oliver shades, tackles the opening verse with as much energy as her son.

YG’s mother comes in for the second verse, wearing a dark red lipstick, bright red jacket and red bandana tied around her neck. “My momma ain't raise no ho,” she lip-syncs with tenacity, “cause my momma ain’t no ho.”