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Jay Z and Beyonce had a security breach last night. One of the visitors to their home snapped a pic of a portrait of their kids - and shared it on social media.

The beautiful photo - which hangs prominently in the Carter home - shows their daughter Blue, and the couple's twins Sir and Rumi. All three children are beautiful.

The black and white photo has been posted by several outlets so far and it appears to have been taken from inside of the Carters' home. The edge of a picture frame is seen on the side so there is a possibility that somebody quickly snapped a photo of it while walking through the Carter residence.

But Beyonce and Jay Z are not happy about the pic's leak. Neither of the two posted the photo and Yoncé's mother Tina was also not the source of the leak. It remains unknown exactly how this image found its way online, especially taking into account how secretive the couple has been with the twins. 

According to internet reports, the couple has launched a full on investigation to find out who was the culprit that shared this personal photo of their children.

Here is the image:

One person close to the couple told MTO News, "Beyonce is furious that someone violated her like that." The insider continued, "Whoever it is will be cut off from the Carter's forever. I hope it was worth it for a couple of likes."

The picture is getting a lot of love on social media though. It's already been shared millions of times, and received thousands of likes.