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New Orleans Rapper Buys A NEW GRILL . . . And Fans Are Saying . . . It's 'CHEAP' And 'FAKE'!!


New Orleans rapper Kyyngg is one of the hottest young rappers from the South. Many people believe that in a few years - he may be one of the biggest artists in the game.

But yesterday he took an "L".

The rapper showed off his brand new grill . And almost immediately people began joking him. The grill looked - UNORTHODOX.

Some of the fan comments include:

"Why can we still see his teeth, his grill is saggin'"

"They're all flat at the bottom, did he get them out of the Dollar store."

"They're crooked."

"He bought a used gril'

Then hoes fake no shine they don’t fit him

Boy didn’t get one twinkle out them fu fu ass stones