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A new show on Netflix is creating a stir online, as it is accused of promoting sex trafficking of minors.

The new series, 'Baby,' centers around teen sex workers and has been accused of glamorizing the trafficking of minors.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) released a statement condemning blasting Netflix‘s new Italian drama.

They claim:

 “A group of teenagers entering into prostitution as a glamorized ‘coming-of-age’ story. Under international and U.S. federal law, anyone engaged in commercial sex who is under 18 years old is by definition a sex trafficking victim. In the real-life scandal that Baby is based on, the mother of one of the teenagers was arrested for sex trafficking.”

They also allege that the show “normalizes child sexual abuse and the sex trafficking of minors as ‘prostitution.'”

“Despite being at ground zero of the #MeToo movement, Netflix appears to have gone completely tone-deaf on the realities of sexual exploitation, said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “Despite the outcry from survivors of sex trafficking, subject matter experts, and social service providers, Netflix promotes sex trafficking by insisting on streaming Baby. Clearly, Netflix is prioritizing profits over victims of abuse.”

“There is absolutely nothing edgy about the sexual exploitation of minors. This show glamorizes sexual abuse and trivializes the experience of countless underage women and men who have suffered through sex trafficking,” Hawkins adds.

Netflix has often been praised for their original series', with many filmmakers and Hollywood actor hopping on board with the streaming giants to collaborate.

But have they taken it a step too far with their newest drama?