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A controversial new movie is set for release this summer - and it has many African Americans up in arms. The movie, which is entitled Loqueesha, is set for release on July 12, 2019.

The movie is about a radio DJ who can't get a job, because the stations in his area practice affirmative action, and want only to hire non-white people.

So the white male radio DJ pretends to be a ghetto Black woman named Loqueesha, and his show becomes a hit. 

The movie was written and directed by comedian Jeremy Saville - he's also the lead actor in the movie. Jeremy is a struggling comedian who - up until now - has only landed small roles in films. This is his first ever lead acting role.

Here is the trailer:

Black Twitter is in an uproar over the movie - which many feels preys on racist stereotypes.

Here are some comments taken from social media, about the film:

- We all know black outrage brings in attention and ratings. They are purposely inflammatory cause they know for a fact we will react harshly. Then they’ll bring up the white chicks movie and the internet will be a mess. And they get exactly what they want. So let’s all just let this shyt movie die with no recognition

- Sounds like this movie was meant for 1995

- Yeah it's official...we're in hell

- This has to be a troll