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A child has committed suicide as a result of the MoMo challenge, according to social media reports. A 9 year old boy from Atlanta reportedly committed suicide after watching a video with MoMo.

The Momo Suicide Challenge is a suicide game that's spreading like wildfire on Facebook and Youtube. The game pressures children to commit suicide, using the fictional character MOMO.

“Momo” instructs the kids, usually through a Youtube video, to engage in odd activities, like waking up at night or overcoming a fear.

Children are then told to film themselves doing these activities and send it to Momo. If the challenge is successful, Momo will encourage you to partake in even more dangerous activities that involve harm – eventually leading to suicide.

Momo’s videos are often filled with violent and frightening content. Refusing to do the challenge will make Momo threaten to visit you and curse you.

It’s very to easy to see why children feel so pressured in this hideous challenge.

The bulging eyes, wide grin and warped features of Momo make it easy to believe that the monster is real. Factor in the fact that children may have some difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy – together with peer pressure – and you have a disaster waiting to happen. 

Here's what is being spread on social media: