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New mom Gabrielle Union revealed that she still has not showered since the birth of her new baby daughter.

“So perhaps I haven’t showered or brushed my teeth or slept. But I’m in heaven. I stink but I’m happy,” she shared via an Instagram story. In the pic, Union is seen snuggling 4-day-old daughter wearing sweatpants.


Union and her NBA husband, Dwyane Wade, welcomed their first child via a surrogate last week. They have been very open about their struggle to conceive a child. “I was always having these early miscarriages,” Union said earlier this year on The Dr. Oz Show. “Some through IVF and some, you know, just naturally.

“Nobody wants the world, which is what it feels like — the world — to think you’re detective, or less than a perfect woman or less than capable... There’s just so much shame and mystery and guilt that surrounds fertility issues.”

We are happy for the new parents. She really should hop in the shower soon though...