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New LOVE AND HIP HOP STAR Caught On Live . . . 'ABUSING' His Girlfriend!!


MTO News has confirmed that Love & Hip Hop Miami's newest cast member, a rapper named Khaotic 305, is coming under fire for appearing to assault his girlfriend on Live. We have posted a link to the video below, we warn you it shows VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

Khaotic is a popular rapper from Miami, and he has a lot of personality so he was a perfect fit to joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami. But Khaotic is also from the streets, and a lot pf his behavior is well . . . STREET.

A video was posted on Live a few days ago, where it showed Khaotic having an argument with his girlfriend, Hoodrat Suki (yes, that's her name). Suki was attempting to leave, and Khaotic ran down on her and pushed her into the car - being very rough. And he refused to let her go, despite her pleas.

Some folks online are saying that this video should be considered "domestic violence". They claim that Khaotic was wrong to put hid hands on his girlfriend. So far neither has commented on the leaked video.

Here's the video - warning contains alleged violence against women