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In the new season of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant, an 18-year-old named Kiaya Elliott from Portsmouth, Virginia is featured on the show. The 18 year old teen is officially a "lesbian," but she recently got pregnant while she and her girlfriend Teazha (pronounced Tee-ay-zuh) were one break.

Kiaya hooked up with a guy named X’Zayveon and got pregnant after just a few dates. But her relationship with X’Zayveon didn't work out, and so she got back with her girlfriend Teazha. 

X’Zayveon was later arrested on August 18, 2018, and this year pled guilty to selling weed, and carrying a firearm. He is currently in prison in Virginia.

Here's a preview of the craziness that you can expect in the coming season:

Kiaya tells the audience:

It’s still shocking that I’m about to be a mom. X’Zayveon’s been in and out of trouble, and he’s currently in jail. I knew of X’Zayveon’s lifestyle, but I didn’t really care because I had no intentions of being with him, and I had no intentions of having to deal with him for, like, the next 18 years.

Then Teazha started coming back around. She apologized and made a lot of promises. She’s made it really clear to me that she wants to treat him as if he was hers, and I’m really grateful for that because she really doesn’t have to.

I haven’t spoken to X’Zayveon since he’s been in jail, so I’m trying to work as much as possible to save money for the baby.

According to reports, however, X'Zayveon had a parole hearing in July and is expected to be released by Christmas.