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NEW HOLLYWOOD COUPLE: Common And Actress Regina Hall . . . Are MADLY IN LOVE With Each Other!!!


There's a new A-list couple in Black Hollywood - Common and Regina Hall. The pair starred together on the movie BARBER SHOP 3 - and that's where the two fell in love.

Here is how the Daily Mail is reporting it:

This is the happiest anyone has ever seen him. He's a hopeless romantic and after several failed relationships, he lost faith in love,' the source said.

'But Regina inspires him and has renewed his hope in love. It's so beautiful to see,' the source added.

And the relationship has even inspired Common creatively - the Grammy-winning hip hop star has started recording new music.

Prior to their relationship blossoming, Common had toyed around with the idea of his 2014 album Nobody's Smiling being his last full-length release.

But once he and Hall fell in love, he started recording songs including his latest single, Love Star, featured on his upcoming album Black America Again.

'Something about this relationship has completed him. He had success, he had awards, he has a thriving acting career and still performs concerts regularly, but he was missing pure companionship and Regina's filled that void in the best way,' the source said.