There's a new "mega" couple in hip hop, JT from the City Girls and Lil Uzi Vert. MTO News has learned that the two rap stars are now dating.

And they're not just dating - they're going to be making music together also.

One person close to JT told MTO News, "Uzi and JT are the new 'it' couple. Mark my words, they're going to be huge."

The couple plans on making an official "coming out" press run in a few weeks, we're told.

But last night, Lil Uzi gave us a preview of what we can expect after JT and him officially come out as a couple.

Uzi posted a video of JT on his Instagram Live, but he quickly deleted it.



Now we know what you're thinking - is this couple "real" or is it just one of those "fake" celebrity relationships for press.

JT's girl told MTO News, "It is real. JT would never participate in anything that's fake."

Alrighty then . . . 

JT is one half of the popular hip hop group City Girls. Along with her partner Yung Miami, the City Girls are the biggest female hip hop group since Salt N Pepa.

Lil Uzi Vert is a platinum selling rapper, with millions of fans worldwide.

For the past year, all of the City Girls and Boys were counting down the days of JT’s prison release. JT started serving her sentence last year after being featured on Drake’s summer hit song “In my feelings.” JT, born Jatavia Johnson, turned herself in on June 29th, 2018 after being sentenced on felony identity theft charges.

JT was released in October and already had social media in a frenzy when she released her single called “JT First Day Out.” Fans were shocked to find out what she had to say about her prison stay and her relationship with Lil Yachty, who she exposed of cheating while on a Instagram live stream with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s star Tommie Lee.

She goes on to spill the tea and says "Yachty is a motherf*cking manipulator… he had his whole b*tch at his grandma funeral, child and everything. He's just too much."

Now we know Lil Yachty has helped out the City Girls tremendously when he co-wrote their big hit “Act Up”, but it turns out he was also in a relationship with JT!