Do you like fried chicken? How about Fruit Loops cereal? Well now you can have both.

An enterprising teenager on Twitter created a new recipe for chicken, called FRUIT LOOPS fried chicken. The teen used the cereal as batter for the crispy fried chicken.

The teen wrote on social media, "You use buttermilk and flour to make the chicken, but you sprinkle some Fruit Loops on "as seasoning."

And almost immediately after the recipe and pics of Fruit Loop chicken was posted online - it went viral. 

Some people on Twitter claim that they tried the recipe, and that it tasted amazing. But others suggest that using Fruit Loops on chicken is a recipe for BAD HEALTH.

One Twitter follower explained, "All that cholesterol and sodium in chicken now you're adding sugar from Fruit Loops. R.I.P 💀 "