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New FATHER Future Spotted Leaving The Club . . . With A NEW GIRL!! (Baby Mama No. 9??)


Rapper Future currently has a child on the way - with Bow Wow's baby mama Joie Chavis. Joie is Future's 8th baby's mama. Well now he's working on NUMBER 9.

The Atlanta superstar rapper was spotted leaving the club last night - with a new girl. The young lady was beautiful, curvaceous and well . . . in her PRIME FERTILE YEARS.

We hope that they are using protection. Clearly Future's SP*RM is so potent . . . that he can just LOOK at you and you're PREGNANT.


Future certainly has a way with women. Because of his handsome looks, superstardom, and don't give a f*ck attitude, women flock to him. It's why he has eight baby's mamas in the first place. 

Recently MTO news described a different incident with a female. . . A Miami woman is claiming that she was "stranded" in Los Angeles - after she refused to sleep with rapper Future. The hip hop star, according to the woman, refused to reimburse her travel expenses - and had her THROWN OUT of the hotel - when he learned she wasn't willing to"give it up."

We learned that the woman, —an aspiring singer named Shamartess— met Future at a Miami recording studio. The two flirted a bit - and then Future invited her out to Los Angeles. Shamartess thought Future was interetsde in WORK . .. but he was apparently interested in much MORE.

Here's how the woman described things from her side:

I chilled with him in Miami and went to the studio with him or whatever and he was so cool and nice 3 days ago he told me he wanted to see me so I told him to book my flight; he told me to book it and he will give me my money back which was a 1,000 % of what I paid for my flight ... I paid 550 for my flight so when I got here he suppose to been giving me 5500.