Newly leaked photos are circulating online - causing people to ask whether legendary rapper Tupac Shakur was gay or bisexual.

The rumors have been around for years. But in recent months, they are really picking up steam. So what is causing the speculation?

Well first of all - acceptance of LGBT lifestyles, especially with Black men, is at an all time high. There was once a huge social stigma for "bisexual" Black men. But that stigma is no longer as prevalent. So people feel more free to speculate about men's sexuality.

Also new pics - from Tupac's high school days - and late teens - were just re-released online, and are going viral. The pics have people wondering whether he was ever "bisexual."

Here is a pic of Tupac and one of his male friends from High School. Tupac was caressing the man's chest:

And here is another pic, with Pac wearing extremely short shorts - and hanging with his "boys."

And here is a video of the rapper - watch the hand mannerisms: