New Evidence Proves Toronto Van Driver Is The Latest WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORIST . . . Is THIS The New Face Of TERRORISM????

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Yesterday a man described as a "terrorist" drove his van into innocent victims in Toronto. At least 10 people were killed, and 15 injured in the terrorist attack - when a rental van struck pedestrians on Yonge Street in north Toronto. 

The man who committed the act is a 25 year old man named Alek Minassian, according to the mainsteam media, they have NO DEA why he would commit such a heinous act of terrorism. Reports say that, "Minassian repeatedly mounted the sidewalk with a white Ryder van and slammed into pedestrians along a stretch of Toronto's busy Yonge Street on Monday. He was arrested near the scene after a brief, but tense, confrontation with police officers." 

According to USA Today, "Minassian was expected to appear in court on Tuesday morning in connection with what is the worst mass killing in Canada in three decades. In 1989, Marc Lepine killed 14 women at an engineering school in Montreal before taking his own life." 

But MTO NEWS uncovered some evidence that proves that Alek is that latest "White Supremacist Terrorist" to commit a mass murder in the name of  HATEFUL NAZI PHILOSOPHY.

Here is one of his posts on Facebook:


In the message, Alek admitted to be an active member 4chan, a website filled with White Supremacist ideology. He also mentions his adoration of mass killer Elliot Roger. Elliot went on a mass killing rampage, after a group of sorority girls rejected him, for a Black man.

 The Toronto Star newspaper quoted Joseph Pham, 25, who claimed he took a computer programming class with Minassian at Seneca College just last week. Pham described Minassian as "socially awkward" and said he "kept to himself."