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New Details Surrounding Yolanda Hadid & Zayn Malik Fight Emerge!!

New details around Zayn Malik and his alleged assault of Yolanda Hadid have emerged.

Zayn pleaded no contest to charges of harassment but claims he did not hit Yolanda. Fans though are confused about how it all got started.

“Gigi was out of town working Paris Fashion Week when this incident between Yolanda and Zayn happened,” a source told HollywoodLife. 

“As everyone knows, Yolanda has always been a very hands-on, dedicated parent to her kids. She’s naturally protective and has been there for every step of the way when it comes to her kids’ lives. So naturally, when Gigi was away while working, she wanted to spend as much time helping care for her granddaughter as possible.”

Zayn reportedly felt that he did not need help taking care of his own child.


The source continued, "Yolanda meant no harm, it’s just that she loves her granddaughter with all her heart and will step in at any time to ensure she’s cared for. It wasn’t a diss at Zayn, it’s more just in her nature to step in when it comes to those things. Zayn saw it as her crossing a boundary and that’s what erupted into their argument.”