NEW COUPLE ALERT!! Rapper Trina Got Herself A New MAN . . . And This One . . . Is A RAPPER TOO!!! (Dang Trina . . ANOTHER ONE??)


Female rapper Trina has a BODY COUNT that includes some of the most powerful men in entertainment. Now she's got a new youngster on her team. According to multiple sources Trina is now dating rapper Dave East.

In case you're wondering - here's Trina's alleged body count (celebs only) - as reported elsewhere:

C-Murder - Allegedly they dated way back when they were both on the come up. We’re glad he has some good memories to think about these days.

Mark Wahlberg - Rumor has it Marky Mark was doing all kinds of dances inside her Funky Bunch.

Trick Daddy - He’s hinted at the fact that he’s given Trina the business once or twice. It was bound to happen we guess.

Lil Wayne - They dated on and off for years. He even got her pregnant Once... Or Twice.

Missy Elliott - Rumors of their lesbian affair have circulated all around, but there’s no proof. And no real denials either.

Kenyon Martin - Their relationship lasted years and we figured they’d be married. He even has her lips tatted on his neck. No... not those! Freaks.

Young Buck - 50 Cent says Young Buck hit the draws. And Fiddy never lies.

Kobe Bryant - There was a rumor they had a thing, but that got deaded with a quickness by both parties. Kobe still had a marriage to uphold!

James Harden - She dated James Harden briefly, before Wayne came and broke them up.

Birdman - She Hooked up with Wayne's "Daddy" as well.

French Montana - Before Khloe, there was Trina. No wonder Khloe got her booty in check.