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Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attended the same event as rapper and actor Common, and that sparked dating rumors.

But Solange’s rep is hoping to stop the rumors.

Common was in New York City last night, attending the Lena Horne Prize for Artists Creating Social Impact Inaugural Celebration at The Town Hall Theater and Solange Knowles was being honored at the event.

Both Common and Solange are currently single, and that’s likely how the dating rumors started.

Solange announced last month that she and husband Alan Ferguson were divorcing. Similarly, Common and his longtime girlfriend, CNN's Angela Rye split recently as well.

But before we go crazy with the rumor, none of our insiders could confirm what the nature of their relationship was.

And Solange’s rep is pretty clear - that there’s no romance between the two. Her rep told MTO News, “Solange and Common did not come together and are not seeing each other. Both artists were there to honor Lena Horne’s Legacy at the Lena Horne Prize event.”

Here are pics of the two:


Solange was honored with the inaugural Lena Horne award, which recognizes 'the excellence at the intersection of arts and activism.'

With the award, she was given $100k, which she'll donate to Houston nonprofit Project Row Houses.

She said in a statement: 'I will never forget being a young girl and the impact of hearing the great Lena Horne so radiantly and powerfully singing the words "believe in yourself" from that remarkable moment in The Wiz. I have carried it with me closely my entire life.”

'At the age of 12, I played this very role at the Ensemble Theatre in Houston, Texas, and it was then I learned about Lena’s dedicated activism and fearless integrity as a woman and groundbreaking artist. I am honored to be receiving an award that bears her name and continue her legacy of using the arts to inspire reflection and evoke change.'