There's a new commercial for the United States Census featuring an African American family and is causing Black women to be upset with Black men.

In the commercial, a Black woman is forced to walk home alone every night from the bus stop for about a mile while her husband remains in the home. While she walks home, he is seen washing dishes and tucking their son into bed.

Later in the commercial, the husband completes the census for the family and says he hopes their community gets more funding which could lead to a closer bus stop for his wife.


This did not go over well with Black women at all....causing many of them to ask whether the husband should be hoping for a closer bus stop or finding a way to pick up his wife from work.

Here are some of the responses, from Black women on Twitter:

I’m bothered by both that she’s the breadwinner and she’s walking home alone at night 

black men, what you gone do about this depiction? is THIS not emasculating?

A closer bus stop? How about providing transportation for the family so your wife is not walking home alone in the dark?

I don’t know why I got newly released inmate from this commercial....can’t walk home with her from the bus stop because he’s on house arrest