Platinum selling rapper Cardi B has just been exposed - again. A website has posted an old video of Cardi B completely nude - dancing for the camera.

The video was purportedly taken from Cardi's days as an exotic dancer. According to the website - Cardi sent the video to one of her "clients."

The videos were posted online last night, and they have already gone viral.

The "new" video is actually a compilation of videos of Cardi - some of which have been seen before. But at least two of the video clips appear to have never been released before.

Cardi has been open about her past. She talks about working as an exotic dancer, and doing what was necessary to make money.

But Cardi has stated categorically that she never was a "prostitute," and she claims she was never a "porn star" either.

For those interested, here is the video - warning it is VERY graphic: