New Boyz member Ben J is still salty about Tinashe allegedly breaking up the group, calling her a "bum ass b*tch" during a recent sitdown with DJ Vlad.

Tinashe, who was dating Legacy at the time of the group's breakup, was heavily criticized by Ben in the past for basically not doing enough to stop the breakup of the group (as if that's any of her fault), but even in 2020, he's still holding a grudge.

"That n*gga Legacy ain't f*ckin' wit' me. I can't get him to be a part of the group. I don't know how you're going to get him up here to do this interview," Ben J responded when Vlad discussed a possible interview with the group.

"He pretended like he had a f*ckin', a uh... what they call it, a stomach virus. He was food poisoning, but that was just some bullsh*t because Tinashe told him like, 'that sh*t is childish. Don't do that.' Don't do this.' He wanted to stay with Tinashe and work on her career."

He continues, "Legacy is a big part of why Tinashe is who she is. He produced, like, her whole first project. You know what I'm sayin' and shot all her videos and she gave him no credit. You know what I'm sayin' - I'm like 'bruh, that's foul - how you leave your group for this bum ass b*tch?'"

So, Ben J still isn't over it all.

Watch the clip below.