New BLONDE Victoria's Secret Model . . . Claims That She HATED HER BUTT When She Was A Teen . . . Because It's 'TOO BIG'!!


New Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk is shaped like the typical runway model, but the beauty claims that in her native homeland of Sweden, she's considered to have a giant derriere.

The 27-year-old model was in New York City on Tuesday, and while she looks thin as a rail, Elsa admitted that she once felt insecure about the shape and size of her backside.

"I used to hate my butt — like hate it," she told Daily Mail Online at the event. "In school I used to cover it up. I felt like it was too big, like I felt like I needed to wear a sweater over it. It was awful."

Elsa claims that she's now grown to love her "too big" butt.

This is what it looks like BTW -

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