Beyonce's new album is up on Spotify today, MTO News confirms. It appears that the album was "leaked" onto the streaming platform - and not officially released by Beyonce or her team.

As of this morning, Spotify had a "new" Beyonce DOUBLE ALBUM on their platform. Each album contained 10 tracks each, with names like "Black Culture" and "Body Rock" and "Ice Cream Truck."

The tracks were available for streaming, under the artist name "Queen Carter."

The two albums were titled Have Your Way and Back Up, Rewind. The track titles hearkened back to a way earlier Beyoncé era: "Hey Goldmember," "Lost Yo Mind," "Crazy Feelings" are all very 2000s-sounding.

Here are the tracklists.


Many suspect that these tracks are "unreleased" songs by Beyonce, that were put together and uploaded onto Spotify by a deranged Beehive member.

Beyonce has been having trouble with her Beehive fans in recent weeks. Last month, the Beehive threatened to "boycott" Beyonce after Bey refused to air her full concert on Youtube.

But whoever "leaked" Beyonce's new double album must be pretty wavy. It's not easy hack into Spotify, and upload stolen music to the streaming service.

People on Twitter are obviously talking, too.